Complete works in the same edition.

This was my 2012-2013 project: every time I got a good grade or had done something worth celebrating, I bought one book.

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by Dario Marianelli

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Jan Ironside

S T A R S  A N D  B U T T E R F L I E S- a collection of instrumental pieces from fantasy and period films for you to lose yourself in

"a princess should be built of stars and suns and forevers"

i. prologue-beauty and the beast (alan menken) | ii. the shire-the lord of the rings (howard shore) | iii. orchard house-little women (thomas newman) | iv. regina’s true love-once upon a time (mark isham) | v. henry meets anne boleyn-the tudors (trevor morris) | vi. lonely first night-harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone (john williams) | vii. a story to unfold (brunuhville) | viii. the meadow-new moon (alexandre desplat) | ix. once upon a december-anastasia (david newman) | x. jane’s escape-jane eyre (dario marianelli) | xi. danielle’s wings-ever after (george fenton) | xii. an historic love-the tudors (trevor morris) | xiii. kingdom dance-tangled (alan menken) | xiv. the seaside-emma (samuel sim) | xv. children arrive-finding neverland (jan a.p. kaczmarek) | xvi. portuguese love theme-love actually (craig armstrong) | xvii. winnie and the tucks-tuck everlasting (william ross) | xviii. fairytale-doctor zhivago (ludovico einaudi) | xix. lucrezia and paulo kiss-the borgias (trevor morris) | xx. northbound train-north & south (martin phipps) | xxi. love letters-atonement (dario marianelli) | xxii. the wardrobe-the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe (harry gregson-williams) | xxiii. main theme-the paradise (maurizio malagnini) | xxiv. maria’s room-the secret of moonacre (christian henson) | xxv. clara’s theme-doctor who (murray gold) | xxvi. cinderella-once upon a time (mark isham) | xxvii. gwen and arthur-merlin (rob lane & rohan stevenson) | xxviii. stars and butterflies-pride and prejudice (dario marianelli) | xxix. time for bed-anna karenina (dario marianelli) | xxx. end titles-the duchess (rachel portman)

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Sad now that we’re moving past Hamlet & onto another play in class. Goodbye Hamlet, I will forever defend you against bad character analysis.


Madeline Silcock

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James Dean photographed by Roy Schatt.

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