Let’s hold hands and celebrate Shakespeare’s 450th birthday together.

Finally got that Shakespeare midterm back that I was sure to fail but I somehow miraculously passed! I’m not saying that it has anything to do with it being Shakespeare’s birthday week but it might have helped.

Lovely Easter day

Happiness after great literature lectures

Did I mention that I went to the Festival of Books with some friends this past weekend?

Sad now that we’re moving past Hamlet & onto another play in class. Goodbye Hamlet, I will forever defend you against bad character analysis.

Do you ever have those really amazing English classes where you’re actually enjoying and understanding the reading but then the analysis that your professor presents just makes you cringe because of how bad it is and you’re 100% sure the author is rolling in their grave?

I got bored so I got bangs. It seems that whenever this happens my hair is always the victim. It’s been through many changes.

I had my Shakespeare midterm today and I’m nervous because I rushed through it thinking that I had less time than I actually did. By sun and stars please let me pass!

Thank you, Bat For Lashes, for getting me through four hours of pure studying.

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